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Whether your child is in our preschool program or childcare room, we vow to always put their safety first. We want you and your child's experience with daycare to be a fabulous one. Should you have any concerns at all, feel free to contact us.

You'll be extremely impressed

Get ready to be amazed at how quickly your little one learns while at our preschool program. From letters, numbers, to colors, and shapes, our staff has over 20 years of childcare experience, and we know just what your preschooler needs to learn.


Ms. Debbie's Little Rascals provides a Christian environment for your child. We'll always display good moral character while in the presence of your kids, no exceptions. We anticipate that your children and you will be thoroughly impressed by our preschool program.


• We teach objectives and goals that aid your child’s development

• Certified and licensed teachers

• Multiple teaching techniques

• Clean and friendly atmosphere

• All meals provided

• Age appropriate curriculum

• DHS certificate accepted

• State licensed


When you need a safe place for your child to go, turn to us. Call:

At Ms. Debbie's Little Rascals, we provide your young child with a wonderful preschool program that helps them prepare for the oncoming school years.

Facts about our program:

We always put safety first

Make new friends, learn new concepts, and have a great time at our preschool!